Draft LCAP

Important Information

The Board Hearing for the Draft LCAP and the Budget will be on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The approximate time for the LCAP and Budget Hearing is after the Board returns back to open session at 8:15 pm. Copies of the Draft LCAP and Budget may be found at the District Office reception desk for viewing. You may also click HERE to preview the Draft LCAP.

You are invited to an LCAP Engagement Meeting!

Important Information

Do you want to know what Adelanto Elementary School District is doing to address the needs of our students? Do you want to give input as to what improved or increased services we can implement to address the State Priorities? We want to hear from you!

Each meeting will have a TARGETED AUDIENCE based on our significant subgroups. However, ALL stakeholders are invited to attend any or all of the sessions. We are aware that many of our families identify with more than one category of our “targeted audiences”.


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