Special Education Services

Special Education Services

Special education refers to a range of educational and social services provided by the public school system and other educational institutions to individuals with disabilities who are between birth and 21 years of age.
Special education is designed to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with an environment that allows them to be educated effectively.

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
The least restrictive environment provides for a full range of program options to meet the educational and services requirements of individuals with exceptional needs in the LRE.
The LRE is generally the setting the most similar to those attended by the general education students.

Individual Education Plan
Each student that is determined to have a disability has a yearly plan called an Individual Education Plan or IEP. An IEP is developed by a team of individuals that are familiar with the student's needs including the parent/guardian.
The IEP, of which the parent/guardian is an important member, determines a student's eligibility and identifies any needed program, aids, services and instruction considered necessary for the student to progress in school and gain educational benefit. The needed program aids and services must be provided in the LRE.

Parent Advisory Committee

Special Education Parent Advisory Committee information can be found here: SPED PAC.

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