Business Services Contacts

Chief Business Officer
Ajay Mohindra x10200

Business Services Clerk
Lily Alfaro x10233

Fiscal Services Contacts

Director of Fiscal Services
Bryan Verley x10204

Accounts Payable
Alicia Dencker x10239

Natalee Price x10254
Melanie Olson x10223

Lori McMillen x10202
Fax: (760) 246-4201

Debbie Reynolds x10207
Fax: (760) 246-6226

Mona Montenegro x10267
Janet O'Dell x10237

Craig McMullen x10299
Jason Hughes x10297
Shane Adcock x10299

Child Nutrition Services Contacts

Director of Child Nutrition
Julie Calderon x10317

Field Supervisor
Rochelle Chavez x10320
Bertha Reyes x10316

Production Coordinator
Karla Mateos x10323

Jeanette Wheeler x10317

CNS Accounts Payable
Zabria Hernandez x10324

Lupe Perez x13021

Maintenance & Operation Services Contacts

Director of Maintenance, Operation, & Transportation
Doug Mefford x10231

Maintenance & Operations Coordinator
Phillip Gonzales x10229

Transportation Coordinator
LaNee Hillary x10258

Transportation Secretary
Ruth Fairely x10262

Maintenance & Operations Secretary
Jeanette Acosta x10231

Tad Williams x10226

HVAC Specialist
Oscar Cisneros x10241
Raymond Gonzalez x10241

Maintenance - Building
Richard Krejckant x10265
Jeff King x10232
Scott Pritchett x10234

Paul Orloski x10236
Kevin Jennison x10236
Gabriel Mares x10236
Willie Campbell x10236
Eugene Fricioni x10236
Gregory Knapp x10236

Risk Management, Benefits & Safety Contacts

Director of Risk Management, Benefits & Safety
Norma Spencer x10208

Debbie Reynolds x10207

Personnel Services Contacts

Chief Personnel Officer
Andrea Credille x10261

Executive Assistant II
Ireri Gomez x10667

Credential Personnel Analyst
Nalani Upshaw x10206

Certificated Clerk
Dana Curtis x10257

Classified Personnel Specialist
Sandra Bostick x10242

Classified Clerk
David Dencker x10205

HR Fax Number
(760) 246-3372

CWA Services Contacts

CWA Director
Elizabeth Bartholomew x10667

Ireri Gomez x10667

School Attendance Officer/SARB
Brenda Holtz x10655

Homeless Liason
Melissa Rodriguez x10656

Foster Care Counselor
Dametrice Eromosele x10214

District Nurse
Cynthia Naberman x10654

Enrollment Services Contacts

Director of Child Welfare and Attendance
Elizabeth Bartholomew x10268

Enrollment Specialist
Karen Evers x10284

Enrollment Clerks
Kellie Flores x10283
Ivonne Amante x10289
Norma Leanos-Medina x10289