Science and Engineering Fair 2016-17

On February 25th we had 143 projects displayed at our Adelanto Elementary School District Science and Engineering Fair. Over a hundred people came out for the event. This year, we also featured several Makerspaces, which were engineering challenges for students and families to experience. Twelve of our amazing students will advance to the SIM regional fair April 4th and 5th. Below is a list of winners. The students who are advancing to the regional fair are marked with an asterisk (*).

1st Place: Evelyn Adcock - GEO
2nd Place: Cornel Richardson - GEO
3rd Place: Marissa Boyd – ERS
First Grade:
1st Place: Camila Hernandez - GUS
2nd Place: Kassidy Ford - GUS
3rd Place: Matthew Melgoza – GEO
Second Grade:
1st Place: Michael Aranda - ERS
2nd Place: Davis Battle - GUS
3rd Place: Darby Smith - GEO
Third Grade:
1st Place: Yaniylah Young - VME
2nd Place: Ameer Aziz - GUS
3rd Place: Samuel Rodriguez – GEO
Fourth Grade:
*1st Place: Keilani Roth – MKP
*2nd Place: Damien Wagner – MKP
*3rd Place: Brandon Huitron – VME
Fifth Grade:
*1st Place: Sebastian Quiroga – AES
*2nd Place: Kapua Fifita – DFB
*3rd Place: Sarah Chatten – GUS
Sixth Grade:
*1st Place: Amber Gee – MDAE
*2nd Place: Gwendolyn Lancaster – MDAE
3rd Place: Lizeth Velasquez and Jenyce Henderson - CMS
Seventh Grade:
*1st Place: Estrella Garcia – CMS
*2nd Place: Kyle Adcock – GEO
3rd Place: Eva Zimmerman - ELM
Eighth Grade:
*1st Place: Alfredo Arriga – GEO
*2nd Place: Filiberto Chapa – ELM
3rd Place: Jannya Isaac - GEO

Academic Services would like to thank all the board, superintendent, teachers, site science coordinators, administrators, students, and families that made this event possible.